Website development

Website development is our main activity, which we absolutely love and we strive to make every customer as satisfied as possible with the services we provide. We approach the client’s needs professionally and flexibly to provide only the best offers at an attractive price. The website design we create is unique – adapted to the client’s values ​​and ideas. We follow the latest trends in web development and ensure that all website designs we create are modern and mobile-friendly.

We not only create, but also advise our clients and help them decide what look and type of website would best highlight their values ​​and reflect their activities.

Internetinių puslapių kūrimas

HOW MUCH does it cost to create website?

Website development




Website development plus




If you don’t have your own domain, server, SSL certificate – we can take care of that!

For additional functionalities of the Ecommerce website, contact us and we will discuss everything!

Why is a website important to a business?

This is why:

These difficult times and the rapid development of technology have taught us one thing – a business can thrive if it is online. Therefore, in order for people to find services or goods easily, it is worth seriously considering the possibility of starting to create the image of your company on the Internet.

A website is like your face on the internet. After seeing the design of your website, its user forms an opinion about the credibility of your business. In it, he can easily find the company’s contacts and find out the most important information about the business’s activities.

Website development is a service that simplifies and accelerates the success of a startup or that can lead to the establishment of a business with extensive experience in the market.

Responsive design of websites

More than half of website visitors are people who use mobile phones or tablets to surf the web. For this reason, the development of web pages must take into account the principles of adaptive web design, i.e. each newly created page must be adapted to display information on all browsing devices: desktop and laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Responsive design website is not only easy to navigate, but also better indexed by search engines like Google. This means that search engines will consider these types of sites more reliable, of higher quality and, as a result, will display them in better search positions.

Website Development: What will be integrated?

Email adress
Content management system
Website domain and hosting
Adaptation for mobile devices
Google Maps

Implementation of social networks
Contact forms
Convenient menu navigation

Updating the old website

Have an outdated website that you want to update? Entrust this work to us!

  • New and modern website design
  • Updated information about your company and services provided
  • Responsive web design
  • Installation of various modules
  • Website optimization for SEO

Website administration

Do you want to constantly update information on your existing website, but lack the knowledge of how to do it?

Hard to choose?