LOgo development

In order to develop a successful, constantly growing and well-known business, a logo is an advantage. It is the most important part of the company’s image, which reveals your business values ​​and activities at a glance. Logo design is like an art that aims to create a unique idea and represent it in a small symbol whose value can become priceless!

Logotipų kūrimas pradžia

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What is a good logo

Most likely, after typing the keyword “logo design” into a Google image search and analyzing the existing logos, you’ve probably wondered why they represent the most famous companies in the world. You decided that you need to copy one of these discovered logos and voila – success is guaranteed! But can a good logo be created this way? Any self-respecting and client-respecting logo designer will argue against this idea, as the success of a logo lies in its uniqueness. However, this does not mean that it has to be made up of many elements; beauty lies in simplicity. Simple, quickly noticeable and instantly memorable – that’s what a good logo must be.

The process of creating Logos

1. Goal clarification and logo ideas

We look at the needs of each client individually. We find out its goals, values, ongoing activities and vision. Based on this, a unique logo idea is created, which is developed in further stages of logo design. It is at this stage that it is taken into account what and what color elements will make up the logo and what their arrangement will be.

2. Creating a logo design

Using graphic design tools, we will realize a unique logo idea that has been refined according to your needs and values. We will quickly and successfully prepare even several logos that will stand out in their design.

3. Logo correction

In order to make logo design a real success, we will provide you with not one, but even three logo examples, from which you can choose the one you like the most. Taking into account your expectations and comments, we will make a correction of the future symbol of your company.

4. Uploading files

We will send you the selected and, if necessary, adjusted logo in the format of your choice and include any working files that may be needed in the future.

Depending on the client’s needs, it is possible to create not only a logo but also a brandbook.


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