Ecommerce website – Top 5 platforms

Thinking about creating an Ecommerce website? An important and responsible step is to choose a suitable and reliable platform. In this article, we will select and describe what we believe to be the main 5 e-shop platforms.


Woocommerce Ecommerce platform

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You’ve probably come across the name WordPress before. In it, we can use the WooCommerce plugin, which enables the journey of our Ecommerce store. This is a free WordPress plugin that is the world’s most popular Ecommerce platform.

WooCommerce Pros

Ease of use – the installation of the Ecommerce store module will take up to a few minutes, then you will be greeted by the plugin wizard, where you fill in the information about your future Ecommerce store (or not, you can opt out and fill in the information separately at any time). WordPress has its own content management system (CMS) that will help you easily and conveniently control the entire platform.

Plugins – there are many plugins that will allow you to achieve the desired result, get the desired functionality.

Cost – It costs nothing to install WordPress and add the WooCommerce plugin!

SEO Friendly – ​​WordPress, among all its plugins, also has SEO optimization tools that will help you achieve the best possible results on Google.

Infinite modification – since WooCommerce is an open source system, if needed and with good specialists, it is possible to make infinite modifications until you realize your wishes.

Adaptation to various devices – most design themes in the WordPress system are adapted for use on mobile phones and tablets.

WooCommerce Cons

Plugin overload – A large number of inappropriate plugins can compromise the speed and security of your website. Also, some plugins or their pro versions may be paid.

The possible development of an electronic store will require the touch of programmers – if you want to extract more complex functionality, you may need additional help from specialists.

Spam Vulnerability – WordPress sites and WooCommerce e-stores are a common target. There are appropriate security, spam modules to solve these problems. It is also advisable to use reCAPTCHA software.

Frequent updates – the work does not end after the creation of an Ecommerce website. You will need to update the plugins you use from time to time. Although this is not difficult, it can be dangerous because updates can sometimes have loopholes that can compromise existing functionality or design. Usually, the publishers of reliable plugin updates rarely make mistakes or fix them quite quickly, it is advisable to make a backup version of the website when updating plugins.

You can find more information about the e-shop platform –

Prestashop Ecommerce platform

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A platform with a large community suitable for smaller and medium-sized businesses. Original release date 2008.

PrestaShop Pros

Price – free platform. You go to the PrestaShop download page, download and use.

Plugins – there are many plugins that will help you expand the functionality of your Ecommerce store.

Easy design change – It’s easy to switch from an old design theme to a new one.

Simple management – you will get used to the admin management system quite quickly and you will easily master the platform.

PrestaShop Cons

Paid modules – in order to get one or another plugin, it may be necessary to lay down a considerable amount of money.

Difficult code configuration – some exclusive solutions to achieve functionalities may be difficult to implement due to the complexity of PrestaShop’s code architecture.

Platform team – if you need help, there is no possibility to contact PrestaShop consultants.

Frequent plug-in incompatibility – several registered plugins may be incompatible together, resulting in distorted functionality or design.

You can find more information about the e-shop platform –

Opencart Ecommerce platform

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A powerful and free e-shop platform that can work quickly even with thousands of products.

OpenCart Pros

Price – OpenCart is a free and open source platform.

Plugins – Has a number of plugins to implement various functionalities. Most of them are free.

A large community – you will be able to easily ask for help and get it quickly.

Professional support – OpenCart has official technical support that can be contacted in case of problems.

OpenCart Cons

Plugin Incompatibility – Sometimes built-in plugins may not be compatible with each other and this may compromise existing functionality or design.

SEO problems – Duplication of pages and different URLs for the same pages can seriously harm SEO optimization.

Slow checkout process – if you don’t use additional plugins, the checkout process can take much longer than on other platforms.

There may be problems with uploading products – you may need premium services to manage your products in the online store.

You can find more information about the online store platform –

Shopify Ecommerce platform

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Another common platform for creating e-shops is Shopify. An attractive platform with various functional options and a user-friendly environment.

Shopify Pros

24/7 customer service – if you have any problems or questions, you can contact consultants who will help you 24/7.

Plugins – If you need additional functionality, you can find plugins from the Shopify App Store.

It’s easy to get started – by visiting Shopify page, you can try their platform for 14 days for free.

Shopify Cons

Price – after the free 14-day period, you need to choose a paid plan. Prices start at $29 for a monthly plan or $14.44 for an annual plan. To expand more, you will have to take another plan, which will cost even more. In general, you will have to pay extra for everything that may need to be done.

Billing fees – every time the customer pays for the goods he buys in the online store, you will have to pay the corresponding percentage.

Difficult design adjustment – if you want to change your design in a more complicated way, you may not be able to do it yourself, and you will have to hire a specialist.

There is no mail creation service – if you want to have your store’s e-mail on the Shopify platform – unfortunately, it will not work.

Platform Dependency – You will be dependent on the platform as long as you use it. If Shopify decides to introduce higher rates for plans or other fees, you will have to accept it or leave the platform.

You can find more information about the online store platform –

Magento Ecommerce platform

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Magento is a strong platform and suitable for large businesses.

Magento Pros

SEO – has its own SEO optimization tools that help you get high positions in Google.

Management of several e-shops – at the same time you will be able to easily manage the available e-shops located on the Magento platform.

Features – the platform has many free additional features that may be needed for development.

Possibilities to expand – the platform will work smoothly and quickly even with several hundred thousand items.

Magento Cons

Price – for small and medium traders, this platform can be difficult to afford, as its real prices start in the tens of thousands.

Slow build – since the platform is strong, it may take some time to get it ready properly.

You can find more information about the online store platform –

We have put together, in our opinion, the Top 5 platforms where it is best to start your e-store creation journey. Of course, there are more platforms that are also quite widely used – Salesforce, Wix, BigCommerce. The needs of each e-store are different, but among such an abundance of platforms, there is sure to be at least one suitable platform.

If you still can’t choose or have questions – write us!